What class rostering options are available?

XtraMath requires a Premium license for manual rostering via uploaded data. See our Pricing page for license details.

Adding Students Manually

As a teacher, you can create classes and add your students manually. This is the simplest solution in many cases, especially if you have a single class. Sign into your teacher account and click Add Students on the left (in the mobile app, this is within the Edit class menu in the upper right). You can add multiple students at once by pressing Enter or clicking the Add icon button. For more detail see the Teacher Quick Start Guide PDF.

Third Party Rostering Integrations

XtraMath currently has two rostering integrations: ClassLink and Clever (via the Clever Library). At this time we do not have integrations with any other services, such as Google Classroom, though we hope to in the future. Please note that while we offer Google sign-in for students, there is no way to automatically link the students with their Google logins in a batch.


The ClassLink integration is set up by the school or district. This integration allows XtraMath to sync to the school or district’s ClassLink Roster Server every night. See How can administrators manage the ClassLink integration? for setup information.


Teachers may “install” XtraMath for their classes within Clever, allowing those rosters to be automatically created in our program. As a Library app within Clever, rather than a Secure Sync app, XtraMath cannot be pushed out by the district or school. See How can I use XtraMath with Clever? for teacher setup instructions.

Manual Class Rostering

We can upload district- or school-provided data directly to our database. The XtraMath Rostering Instructions PDF provides documentation regarding what data is needed and how it should be formatted.