Teacher Guide

XtraMath is an online program that helps students develop quick recall and automaticity of their basic math facts essential for advanced math concepts. It's suitable for K-6 students and older learners needing review. Students should
already understand the basics of solving problems before using the program.
It only requires an internet-capable device to access.
Here you can find the most important topics of our program:

Before you Start

Start by getting to know our fact fluency program.

What's is the purpose of Xtramath?Basic Requirements for XtraMathVideo Tutorial: Before you start using XtraMath

Premium License

Let's compare the basic and premium programs based on their features. Examining the features that are essential for achieving maximum effectiveness and convenience, you can make an informed decision on which program will best serve your academic goals.

Basic vs Premium- What's the difference? How can I Upgrade to Premium?How can I attach my teacher account to a school or district Premium license?

Signing Up

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Sign up with your email addressHow can I use XtaMath with ClassLink?How can I use XtraMath with Clever?Video Tutorial: How can I use XtraMath with Clever?

Setting Up Your Classes

Discover the easiest way to add students and classes. With our simple instructions, you'll be able to get your students started in no time.

What class rostering options are available?I just created my first class. What's next?Video Tutorial: Setting up your class with XtraMath

Help Your Students Get Started

Choose the best way, your students can get started practicing XtraMath, based on the students' computer access at school or home. Learn about sending parent flyers, enabling your students to use their school accounts at home, and keeping parents updated on their progress.

Video Tutorial: Sign-In Options for StudentsVideo Tutorial: How can teachers send XtraMath flyers to parents? How can I view or print my students' PINs?

Student Experience in XtraMath

Discover the customized learning pathways in XtraMath, uniquely adapted to each student's math skills. Explore the daily XtraMath sessions, including quizzes and practice activities. Learn how XtraMath keeps students engaged through a recognition system that rewards their progress with awards and certificates.

What do students do in XtraMath?Video Tutorial: Student's Journey with XtraMath

Student Program Assignments

XtraMath provides default program assignments aligned with students' grade levels, with the flexibility for educators to adjust these based on individual needs and skill levels. Learn more about customization options, selecting the type of operations, the problem set, the fluency threshold, and an Assessment Only option.

Suggested ProgramsHow can I change what program my student is working on?What custom program options are available?

Student Progress Reports

Introducing a suite of four comprehensive reports that enable educators to effectively track and support student learning from a broad perspective down to individual needs.

What does the fluency score mean?Video Tutorial: Classroom ReportVideo Tutorial: Student ReportVideo Tutorial: Date ReportCan I export student data to use in my own reports?

Additional Resources

Enhance your math teaching experience with our engaging and educational resources. Our tools support diverse learning styles and encourage student engagement.

What printable materials are included with the Premium license?
You can also download our Teacher Quick Start Guide, which provides a condensed overview to help you begin using the program. However, for more comprehensive information, we recommend referring to our complete Teacher Guide or exploring the Support section.