How can administrators manage the ClassLink integration?

Administrators can set up ClassLink rostering for their school or district:

1) On your ClassLink Roster Server Tenant, allow XtraMath to access your OneRoster data and scope our access to the data appropriately.If needed, here is ClassLink's documentation on this process. This will allow us to import your roster data. Note that we currently support only the REST api for sync.

2) Notify us once you have granted this access to XtraMath. Send a quick email to info@xtramath.org to let us know your Tenant ID.

3) We will enable sync with your roster data from our end, and notify you of this. The roster data will be imported into XtraMath overnight.

4) Please be aware that this will create new rosters and new student records, even for students who have already begun the program this year. If you are a premium subscriber we will make a good faith effort to map your student data into your new classrooms. This process is done by hand and may take 2 business days after the initial sync. If your teachers are free/basic users, please confirm that your teachers wish to move forward with new student records before sharing data with us.

Let us know if you have any questions, or when you've completed the first step!