My student’s progress was lost

Student progress is specific to the program that they are assigned. If a student has been working on Beginning Addition (sums up to 10) and then is switched over to Regular Addition (facts up to 9+9), their previous progress is paused until the student returns to the previous program. The same is true between fluency thresholds. When a student is switched from a 6 second threshold to a 3 second threshold program, the 6 second threshold program will be paused while they are working on the newly assigned 3 second threshold program.

XtraMath scores are designed to reflect a student's current understanding. Placement quizzes will determine what level the student should be working on in their newly assigned program.

🍎 Example

Lily has been working on Beginning Addition and currently has a fluency score of 78 in it. Her teacher changes her program to Addition & Subtraction, which has a Regular problem set. Her progress in Beginning Addition is not lost, and if her teacher changed her assigned program back to Beginning Addition, she’d continue where she left off. However, her score in Beginning Addition is not carried over to Regular Addition.

Instead, she takes a placement quiz for the new operation. She ends up with a starting fluency score of 46 in Regular Addition. Her student report will show both scores, but the currently assigned operation is emphasized.