When my student signs in they end up in a teacher account

Here is how you can disconnect a student’s Google sign-in from the unwanted teacher account:

  1. Have the student sign in using the Google button on the student sign in page.
  2. Click their name at the top of the page to go to the Account page.
  3. Under “Linked Accounts” you should see Google, with a Disconnect link. Click Disconnect.
  4. Now delete the unwanted teacher account**. Scroll down and find "Delete this account" at the bottom of the Account page. If the student doesn't know the account password, you will need to set the password first.
💡 If you disconnect Google but don't delete the teacher account, the account may relink when the student signs in again. (This is because the student’s Google email address usually matches the one on the unwanted teacher account.) So please be sure to include that final deletion step. If the student is linked with their actual parent or teacher's account, using a different email address, this is unnecessary.