I just created my first class. What's next?

Everyone's needs are different, but the following steps are often helpful when you're getting set up for the first time. Be sure to check out our Teacher Start Guide for additional help and information!

Review program assignments

Students in your new class will all be assigned a default program based on their grade level. Depending on your needs, you may want to review or change the program assignments.

Get sign-in information ready for students

This likely means printing student PINs for distribution, but it could be ensuring each student knows their Clever or ClassLink credentials. If students will be using XtraMath at home, you may want to send home family flyers.

Add or transfer any additional students

You can add additional students to your class as needed, or transfer a student from another class if they have moved classrooms.

If you are using the Clever or ClassLink integration, you can't add the student directly. See How can I manage my classes if I'm using a rostering integration like Clever or ClassLink? for more information.

Set up classroom sign-in page, if applicable

There are a number of ways that your class can sign in. If you have decided on using the classroom sign-in page, you will need to get that set up on the classroom computers or devices.

Double-check the class expiration date

A class will be archived two weeks after its expiration date, so now's a good time to make sure you entered it accurately when you created your class. It's most common to have classes expire just after the end of the school year. To check this, or change it, click Class settings on your class report. See How do I edit the name of my class or change when it ends? for more information.