I’m not getting emails from XtraMath

Report emails are only sent to teachers and parents who have signed up to receive them, and are only sent if there was any student activity in the last week. Teachers won’t get emailed class reports if none of their students signed into XtraMath during the previous week. And parents or guardians won’t get emailed student reports if their children have not signed in.

  • Look in your email spam folder. Email clients occasionally filter emails from our server as spam, and searching your inbox does not necessarily return results from the spam folder. However, if you search your inbox for “in:spam from:server@xtramath.org”, or first go to the Spam folder and then search, you may be able to find the emails that you are missing.
  • If you do find an email in the Spam folder and click on it, it will generally have a button that says something like “Report not spam”. Clicking that will make future emails from our server more likely to arrive in your normal inbox, without being tagged as spam. Adding “server@xtramath.org” to your email contacts will also help with this.
  • Check your XtraMath email preferences. Sign into your account and go to the Account page. (If you’re using the mobile app, open the  menu in the upper left and tap your name to see your account information.) Scroll down to the Email Preferences section and make sure that “Weekly progress reports” is selected. Click Submit to save any changes.
  • You can check if new emails from our server arrive as expected. Go to the Teacher/Parent Sign In page, click Forgot your password, and enter your email address. Don't worry, this won't reset your password (unless you specifically choose to do so), but it will immediately send an email from our server (with the subject line “Reset your XtraMath password”). This allows you to check deliverability from our email server to your inbox.