Signing up for a new Premium account

  1. Go to the XtraMath Signup page and enter your name, email address and password. (If you prefer, you can use Google or Clever to provide this information.) Click Next.
  2. On the next screen, choose your account type. This is important, because it will determine how your students are organized and which type of Premium license is available. If you’ll be using XtraMath with students at school, pick Educator Account. If you’ll be using XtraMath with your own family at home (even if you are homeschooling), pick Family Account.
  3. You’ll also need to indicate your age and, if you’re an educator, the name that students call you at school. Review and agree to the terms, then click Sign up.
  4. Now you will be signed into your new account, and will need to finalize a few things, including what license you want. A quick overview of the licenses is included here, but for full details view our Pricing page.
  5. For an Educator Account: Click the big Classroom (Premium) button to continue. Fill in your school information, and review the purchase details. If you need more than 50 student seats, click + Additional students. You can add student seats individually or in groups of 50. The license subtotal, and total number of student seats, will update as you adjust this. Click the big Premium button to continue.
  6. For a Family Account: Enter the number of students you need on your license. You can always upgrade later if you later decide to use the program with another child. Type in the desired number, or use the little arrows to increase or decrease it. The license subtotal will update as you adjust this.
  7. Select which types of emails you want to receive from XtraMath.
  8. After completing the payment, you are licensed and ready to go!
  9. To explore the offline instructional materials or to watch the professional development videos, head over to the Resources page.
  10. If you are new to XtraMath, be sure to also check out the Quick Start guides on our main Support page.