How does XtraMath work for students that need enrichment?

If students have already mastered the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it is crucial to provide them with enrichment opportunities to challenge and enhance their skills further. Our  XtraMath Premium program  offers a solution to this by allowing you to assign custom programs, to give these students an extra challenge.

Select the following options when changing your student’s program:

  1. Choose the Expanded Program Option: When setting up or modifying a student's program, select 'Expanded' instead of 'Regular.' This option includes facts up to the 12s, offering a wider range and more complex set of problems, perfect for students ready to go beyond the basics.
  2. Adjust the Time Threshold for Faster Responses: In XtraMath, the time given to answer a question can be customized. For an additional challenge, reduce the time threshold. You might start with a 3-second limit suitable for younger or less experienced students. For older or more advanced students, consider reducing this time even further to 2 seconds, or for a significant challenge, to 1.5 seconds!