How can administrators manage the Clever integration?

Getting Started

Currently, XtraMath’s Clever integration is through the Clever Library. This is a bit different from Secure Sync apps in Clever. District admins cannot push a Library app out to teachers — instead, each teacher will need to install the app individually. Give teachers this direct link to our Library app, and they can install it for their own classes: clever.com/library/app/xtramath. You can share our video demo with teachers, found here.

You can also “recommend” XtraMath, making the app more visible in the teachers’ Clever Libraries. To do so, go to your Dashboard within Clever, choose Portal from the menu, then Library Settings. Search for XtraMath and add it to the recommended list. The direct link to this recommendation page is schools.clever.com/library/recommendations.

We plan to offer Clever Secure Sync during the 2024-2025 school year. Please email sales@xtramath.org to request pricing and access to Clever Secure Sync.

Data Sharing

Library apps receive more limited information than Secure Sync apps. For example, we get the student’s first name and their last initial, but not their full name. We get class rosters and basic teacher information (name and email address) but no information about the school or district.

District admins cannot push a Library app out to teachers, the way they can with Secure Sync apps, but they can block Library apps via Library Settings. You can choose either to block all apps, or specific ones. Here is Clever’s support page about managing Library apps as a district admin. Note that blocking the XtraMath app from the teachers’ libraries will not block teachers from signing up for XtraMath independently via our website.