Setting up your child’s account

  1. Once you've signed into your new account, you'll need to create accounts for your child or children if you have more than one kid.
  2. Select the second option at the top. “Add child” page. Choose one of the three options according to your child's status. If your child is using XtraMath at school and you received a flyer with an enrollment code, use it to connect your child's school account to your family account. Simply go to the XtraMath homepage, click "Enroll," and add your child using the code. If you didn't get a flyer, ask your child’s teacher for one. This way, you can monitor your child’s progress, and their teacher can too, keeping everyone connected and informed about their learning journey.
  3. Enter the student’s name and select their grade level. The grade level determines your student’s default assignment, but you can always adjust it.
  4. Now, you’ll see the student report. Write down your student’s 4-digit PIN... you’ll need this in a minute! To make changes to your student’s program, see the Adjust student settings section. Otherwise, you’re ready to get your child started! If you’re sharing a device, sign out of your “family account” so your child can sign in.
  5. Your child can Sign in by entering your parent account email address (the same one you used to create your family account), their name, and their 4-digit PIN. If they check "Remember me" when signing in the first time, next time, they will just need to click their name - no more typing required!

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