How can I move a student to another classroom?

See section below if you are using our Clever or ClassLink integration.

General Usage

💡 Before you start, make sure you know the student’s name (as entered in XtraMath) and PIN. You can check this on their student report.
  1. Go to the report for the class you want to move the student into. Click + Add students on the left.
  2. On the add students screen, select the second option, “Existing student with sign-in information”.
  3. Enter your own email address (assuming the student is in one of your own classes currently), and the student's name and PIN. Click Done.
  4. Check that the student is now shown in the desired class by going to that class report.
  5. Optional: Since the student is now in both classes, you can remove them from the original class if you like. Go to the previous class report and click their name to go to their student report. Click Remove student on the left. This will remove them from whichever class you came from (the class tab will be highlighted yellow), so make sure you start at the class you no longer want them in!
Step 1: Click Add students from the class report where you want the student to end up

Step 2: Select the second option, Existing student with sign-in information

Step 3: Enter the email address, name, and PIN

Clever or ClassLink integration

When you use a rostering integration like Clever or ClassLink, XtraMath relies on that as the source of truth for your class rosters. This means that you cannot move a student from one class to another from within XtraMath. Instead, your school or district administrator will need to make changes so that the corrected roster appears in XtraMath when the integration syncs.

Please see How can I manage my classes if I’m using a rostering integration like Clever or ClassLink?