My student’s activity is different at home vs. at school

When a student’s progress reports from school display different activity than their progress reports at home, it means the student is accessing XtraMath through more than one student account. The student might be working on different operations at school vs. at home.

This can be a problem because the teacher cannot see any activity results for a student account that’s not connected to their class.

To resolve this issue, there are two options to consider:

  • The student should stop using one of the accounts (usually the home account), and make sure to sign in using only the credentials they received at school. If the student has been signing in through Google SSO, please see My student’s Google account is linked to the wrong XtraMath account.
  • Use the instructions on a family flyer to merge the two accounts together. The teacher can send home a flyer with an enrollment code. Part of the enrollment process allows the parent or guardian to merge their child’s home account with their school account. The settings assigned by the teacher (PIN, program assignment, etc) will be applied, but any past progress made at home will remain visible.