Xtramath Support
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Sign up with your email address

1. Go to the Signup page to get started, or click Create account on our website or Sign Up on our mobile app’s home screen.

2. On the signup page, provide your email address, name, and a password. You can also choose to sign up through a service like Google or Clever. If you want to use Clever, see the directions and comments on the Sign up with the Clever integration page. For ClassLink, see What if my school uses ClassLink?

💡 "Remember me" allows you to sign in next time by simply clicking your name. Don’t use this option on shared devices or computers! If someone else uses the device, they’ll be able to sign into your account.

3. Answer a few additional questions to set up the account:

  • Teacher, Family or School? This affects how your students are organized, and what Premium license options are available. If you send home flyers to encourage at-home use, your students’ parents can link to their school accounts to follow their progress.
  • Age verification - Children cannot sign up for XtraMath on their own. A teacher or parent must do it for them.
  • Terms of Service: For security reasons, you will need to accept XtraMath's terms and conditions in order to use the app.

4. Click Sign up and you’ll be signed into your new account!