Why did my student’s daily status change colors?

A student can change their daily status color by doing more activities. The daily status is based on all activities the student has done today, and is largely based on the percentage of answers that were correct vs. wrong.

🍎 A simplified but extreme example:

  • Maria completes her session with 10 wrong answers and 20 correct ones. 10 out of 30 total answers were incorrect — more than 30% — so she gets a red octagon status, indicating “Over 25% wrong answers, or very few answers.”
  • Later that day, she signs back in and gets 20 more correct answers but none wrong. The calculation is now based on the fact that 10 out of 50 total answers were incorrect — 20%. Her status changes to a yellow square, indicating “Between 10% and 25% wrong answers, or too few answers.”

Technically, a status change occurs every time a student completes an XtraMath session! If you look at your online class report or student report while the student is still working in XtraMath, you will see a gray incomplete icon… But when they finish their session, refresh the page and you will see the updated icon: a red, yellow, or green checkmark.