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The Math Program
Teachers Count On

Help your students’ develop math fact fluency with daily adaptive challenges and comprehensive weekly reports. Loved by millions of teachers & parents since 2009.

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A Solid Math Foundation

XtraMath is an online math fact fluency program that helps students develop quick recall and automaticity of basic math facts.  Students with a strong foundation have greater confidence and success learning more advanced math like fractions and algebra.

Adaptive Practice
for each Student

XtraMath generates individual practice sessions automatically based on assessment of each student's progress.

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Assessments and practice to augment curriculum instruction
Our technology is easy even on a single device shared by students
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Weekly Summary Reports that
show overall progress over time
Detailed Student Reports
pinpoint strengths & weaknesses

Comprehensive Reports for Teachers & Parents

We make it easy for teachers to track their students' progress and achievements.
Just sign up to receive weekly reports and get access to class and individual progress.

View the research behind our ESSA Tier IV evidence

XtraMath worked with LeanLab Education to document the connections between using XtraMath and improving outcomes for students primarily in grades K-6.

Download our Logic Model to discover the research and evidence that demonstrates how using XtraMath enhances students' learning and performance, leading to better outcomes for both students and teachers.

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“I can see the students progress and the math facts that they are missing. The students love when they master their program and get a certificate to show off on the wall.”

Teacher, NYC
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Privacy is our Priority

Privacy is a major concern and XtraMath collects the absolute minimal user data.
 We never sell data, and your won’t ever see ads or third-party trackers in our product.
We're signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge. Check out our privacy policy.

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