How can my family sign in?

Student Sign In

The Student Sign In page allows students to sign in with their basic XtraMath credentials, as follows:

  • Their name. It must be entered however it is listed in XtraMath — often only their first name, but sometimes a last initial is included.
  • Your email address. We do not collect or store student email addresses, so this identifies your student out of the many others who may share their name. If your child also uses XtraMath at school, they can use their teacher’s email address instead of yours.
  • Their 4-digit PIN. Students are assigned random PINs by default. You can see your student’s PIN by signing into your account and looking at their student report.

If using a private device or computer, the student can check “Remember me” to make sign-in easier. Next time, the student can just click their name to sign in. Make sure not to use this when using a public computer, like at the library!

The student sign in page (no students remembered)
Sign in page with remembered students - student just clicks their name to start a session

Google, Clever, and ClassLink

If your student’s school uses ClassLink or Clever for sign-in, your student can use the appropriate button on that same sign-in page.

Another option is to use their Google account to sign in. The first time that a student clicks the Google button to sign in, they will need to provide their XtraMath credentials. This establishes the link between their Google account and their XtraMath account. After that first time, it should work automatically.

Family Sign In

You can sign in to your family account, as your student’s parent, guardian, or other family member, on our Parents or Teachers Sign In page. Use your email address and password to sign in.

💡 You can also choose to remember your sign-in by using “Remember me,” but again, make sure to only use this on your own private device or computer. A remembered sign-in means anyone on that device could access your account, which includes mischievous children!

When you are signed into your family account, viewing your student report, you can let your student sign in quickly from there. Click Sign in as… in the upper right and your student will be able to immediately begin a session. When the session is done, it will return to the student report page within your account.