My student is “done”. What happens now?

XtraMath says a student is done when they have completed all the operations in the program assigned to them. At this point there are two options: you can assign the student a new program, or they can stop using XtraMath for now. Consider the following when deciding which program, if any, to assign next.

  • Was the student on a six-second program? If so, re-doing the same operations with a three-second fluency threshold may reinforce the concept with more practice. A three-second threshold is a better indication of fluency.
  • Are there any operations that the student has not practiced yet? Before moving onto the next assigned program, make sure the student has a good conceptual understanding of the operation first and can answer the problems without time pressure. Example: A student that has completed “Addition & Subtraction” might be assigned “Multiplication & Division.”
  • Is there a larger problem set for the operations? Example: A student that has completed “Beginning Addition & Subtraction” can be assigned to “Addition & Subtraction,” which has facts up to 9+9.