What does the fluency score mean?

The fluency score shows the student's progress in that specific operation. The initial fluency score, received after placement, represents the knowledge the student already had for that operation.

The score reflects recent quiz performance, so it is completely normal for students’ scores to go up and down a bit. Only quizzes affect the fluency score. Practice activities focus on a small set of problems and are for practice only. They don’t affect the fluency score in the program.

A fluency score of 100 shows complete mastery of the specific operation in the program, and means the student is ready to move on to another operation - or to progress to a lower fluency threshold.

💡 The fluency score should never be viewed as a grade. The score will naturally increase over time as the student improves in the daily quizzes, but students start at all different levels and progress at different rates.

The fluency matrix on the student report directly corresponds to the fluency score. This lets you see the student’s knowledge of individual facts, and how those add up to affect the total score.

🍎 Example fluency matrices for several different students working on addition

Fluency score: 21
Fluency score: 40
Fluency score: 71
Fluency score: 100 (done with the operation!)