Clever integration troubleshooting

If you can’t find the XtraMath app in Clever

Go to clever.com/library/app/xtramath. Note that our integration is in the Clever Library, so can’t be installed for a whole school or district at once. Learn more about that in How can administrators manage the Clever integration?.

If you can’t see an expected class in your XtraMath teacher account

First, check your Account page to see if the class is just hidden:

  1. Sign into your XtraMath account using Clever.
  2. Click your name at the top of the page to go to the Account page.
  3. Scroll down to the Linked Accounts section. Any hidden Clever classes will be shown here.
  4. If a class is hidden that should not be, click the X next to its name.
  5. Click on Dashboard to return to your class reports and check that the class is now visible.
Step 2: Click your name to go to the Account page

Step 4: Click the X next to the name of any class that should not be hidden

If that’s not the issue, sign into Clever and go to clever.com/library/app/xtramath. You should be able to see which “Teacher Pages” you have installed XtraMath on. If your class doesn’t have access to a Teacher Page with XtraMath on it, that class won’t sync with XtraMath, since you have not given Clever permission to do so. For more help with this, see Clever's support articles about the Library and about Teacher Pages.

If a specific student is not syncing to XtraMath from Clever

First try signing into your XtraMath account using Clever. The Clever roster sync only occurs when you sign in, so if you’ve just been viewing the emailed reports but have not signed into your XtraMath dashboard in awhile, this may be enough to fix it!

If the student still doesn’t show up in XtraMath, sign into your Clever portal and check that you can see the student there (in a class with access to XtraMath via a Teacher Page as explained above). Sometimes changes in a school’s information system don’t immediately sync to Clever. If you can’t see the student in your class within Clever itself, they won’t show up in your class within XtraMath either. In this case, ask your school’s Clever admin to make sure your roster is up-to-date.

If you have two students with the same first name and last initial

You’ll need to make sure you know which student is which. Clever does not give Library app providers like XtraMath a student’s full name… we just get their first name and last initial. The quickest way to get this sorted out is to temporarily change their names within XtraMath, check which student is which, then update the names within XtraMath.

🍎 Example

Robert Harris and Robert Hill are in Ms. Anderson’s class within Clever, and that class is linked with XtraMath as well. They both show up as “Robert H.” Here’s how Ms. Anderson can fix it:

  1. She changes their names within XtraMath to “Robert H1” and “Robert H2”.
  2. She has one of them, Robert Hill, sign in through Clever, and notes which name he sees: Robert H2.
  3. In XtraMath, she goes to the Student settings for Robert H2 and changes the name to Robert Hill’s nickname, Robby.
  4. She can now also change Robert H1 to whatever name is preferred for Robert Harris.

These changes do not affect data within Clever itself. Additionally, the original Clever-provided name is always visible at the top left of the online student report.