How can I view or print my students' PINs?

Whether students are signing into XtraMath in the classroom or at home, many student sign-in methods require their 4-digit PIN.

Classroom PIN List

Sign into your educator account on our website, and go to the class report, then click List of PINs. You will get a PDF with two parts:

  • The first part lists each student by their name (however it is entered in XtraMath) along with their PIN.
  • The second part is a sheet designed to be cut up — or printed on standard address label stickers. These can then be distributed to the students, so they have an easy reference of their sign-in information.

Individual Student PIN

A student's PIN is always shown near the top of their online student report. Sign in to your family or educator account, and go the student report. You can view or change their PIN from here.

You can also have your children's sign-in information sent to the email address linked to your family account. This can be handy if you don't remember your own sign-in. Go to the student sign-in page and click Forgot your PIN. Enter the email address and submit. You should receive the email within a minute or two (if you don't see it, check your spam folder).