About Us

XtraMath is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides an online supplemental math program for students in grades K-8. Our online math fact fluency program helps students develop fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and build the computational memory that enables greater success in higher-level mathematics.

Mission, Goals, and Purpose

XtraMath is dedicated to math achievement for all learners. Our goal is to develop effective, efficient, adaptive, and intrinsically rewarding supplemental math activities. Xtramath's purpose is to provide equitable supplemental math activities that connect with all learners. We offer schools, teachers, students, and families easy, simple, and effective math programs in areas where students struggle or need more practice.


XtraMath was founded in 2007 by David Jeschke, a former Microsoft programmer and startup developer. While volunteering as a math tutor for Seattle elementary school students, he found many still counting with their fingers and recognized the need for an individualized math fact practice program; thus creating XtraMath. In 2009, XtraMath became a nonprofit organization and, through a grassroots movement, has grown to be one of the most widely used math programs in schools today.


Roy King

CEO, Executive Director

Amy King

Customer Success Director

Jackie Orcutt

Product Marketing Manager

Gabe Bosworth

Customer Service Manager

Sterling Nelson

Principal Developer

Rodrigo Vanoni

Front-end Developer

Julieta Zalazar

UX | UI Designer

Brian Barrido

Legal & Data Privacy Officer

Tina Hansen

Sales and Digital Marketing Manager

Sheetal More

Senior Data Engineer


David Jeschke, President of the Board

Founder of XtraMath

David was a software programmer at Microsoft before founding XtraMath. David has a master's degree in computer science from The University of Texas, Austin.

Sabareesh Kornipalli, Treasurer of the Board

Director of Finance, Analog Devices

Sabareesh also advises several pre- Series A startup companies and sits on their board. His expertise includes portfolio management, business strategy development, P&L ownership, M&A, scaling up seed -stage companies, and fundraising.


No current openings. Please send your resume to work@xtramath.org.

Contact Info


4742 42nd Ave SW #625
Seattle, WA 98116


info@xtramath.org – general inquiries
sales@xtramath.org – inquiries about upgrading to XtraMath Premium
privacy@xtramath.org – for data processing agreements, RFPs, or other data subject requests
Please note: XtraMath provides sales and customer service support exclusively via email.