What printable materials are included with the Premium license?

The Premium license grants access to various printable materials, available on the  Resources page when logged into your teacher or family account. These materials include:

Math Activities
XtraSTEM Activities

  • Math Activities: More than 90 single page activities, each available in English and Spanish. These are grouped by target grade level, and range from beginning addition number lines to multiplication word problems, fractions, and more.
  • XtraSTEM Activities: These hands-on activities can be done at school or at home, use common household materials, and connect to math fact learning. Each is available in English and Spanish.

The Student Goal Tracking section offers:

Blank Fluency Matrix
Student Trophy Tracking

  • Blank Fluency Matrix Sheets: Each page has one large fluency matrix, showing all the facts in this operation. Remember that the fluency matrix in the reports reflects recent performance, so students’ fluency scores decrease at times.
  • Student Trophy Tracking Sheets: Students can track their progress within their assigned program via the trophies they earn.

The Classroom Engagement Resources designed to celebrate math success in your class include: regardless of license type:

  • Trophy Coloring Sheets: These celebratory printouts let students color in their newly earned trophies. They are available on the Resources page, and are also linked from the trophy section of the online student report.
  • Blank Certificates: These are handy if you need a certificate but cannot access a personalized one for your particular student.
  • Brag Tags: We offer 40 colourful tags to recognize math skills. Just laminate them, add lanyards, and you’ve got a great way to reward students!
  • Wall of Fame: Set up this striking display with three easy-to-use A4 sheets. It’s perfect for showing off student achievements either in your classroom or in the hallway.
  • Class Trophy Tracking Poster: Keep track of your whole class's progress in math. This poster, along with the Wall of Fame, makes a great display of your students’ hard work.
  • Class Trophy Tracking Stickers: Add some fun to your rewards with 24 bright 1/2” stickers. They’re great for the Trophy Tracking Poster or other classroom activities.
Trophy Coloring Sheets
Blank Certificates
Brag Tags
Class Trophy Tracking Poster
Wall of Fame
Class Trophy Tracking Stickers