What custom program options are available?

💡 To assign a Custom Program you must have a Premium license. The free program only includes the default program assignments, which are listed in our Program Guide. Note that grade 4 and above are all assigned the same program by default: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division.

This article explains what options are available via assigning a Custom Program: the operations, problem set, fluency threshold, and Assessment Only option.

Note that XtraMath does not currently offer any programs that have mixed operations in a single activity, nor options to select specific facts to be worked on.

Custom Program: Operations

In a custom program, you can choose which operations will be included in the assigned program. The operations are completed one by one, in order, so if you choose Multiplication the student will just do multiplication, but if you choose Multiplication & Division they will do multiplication and, once they complete it, move on to division.

Operation options are currently:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
  • Multiplication & Division

Custom Program: Problem Set

The problem set determines which facts will be practiced within each operation. Problem set options are currently:

  • Beginning (currently for Addition and Subtraction only, includes facts that sum to 10 and their inverse)
  • Regular (all operations, facts up to 9’s)
  • Expanded (all operations, facts up to 12’s)

For more explanation of these options please see our XtraMath Glossary and Icon Guide.

Beginning Addition, Regular Addition, Expanded Addition

Custom Program: Fluency Threshold

The fluency threshold controls how long the student has to answer each problem. A smaller number means a more difficult program, as the student has less time to enter a fluent response. The timeout threshold is when the correct answer is shown during a quiz, if the student has not entered a response yet.

Fluency threshold options are currently:

  • 6 seconds (20 second timeout)
  • 3 seconds (10 second timeout)
  • 2 seconds (~7 second timeout)
  • 1.5 seconds (5 second timeout)

Custom Program: Assessment Only option

If you apply the Assessment Only setting to a student program, they will proceed from one operation’s placement quiz to the next. They will not do practices or progress quizzes, just placement quizzes. An Assessment Only program should generally be followed up with a normal (non-assessment) program, so that the student can improve upon their starting fluency.