Can I have a student restart their program from the beginning?

Can a student restart their program from the beginning?

Yes, teachers have the ability to restart the programs assigned to their students. Restarting a program will reset the fluency score of each operation included in that program. Only operations in the currently assigned program are affected (see example below).

When a teacher restarts a student’s program, the student will retake the placement quiz the next time they sign in. Previously recorded activity is not deleted, but it no longer affects the student’s fluency score or which problems they will practice.


1. Using the XtraMath website, sign in to your teacher account and go to your class report.

2. Click Change programs on the left side of the page.

3. Change the left drop-down menu from Change program to Restart program.

4. Select the students whose programs you want to restart, then click the green Restart button.

5. Confirm that you want to restart the programs.

6. Click Done to return to the class report.

🍎 Example

Liana has been using XtraMath for awhile and has worked on multiple operations. She is currently assigned "Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication" but previously was doing "Beginning Addition & Subtraction".

Her teacher restarts her currently assigned program. The chart below shows her fluency scores before and after the program is restarted. Note that Beginning Addition and Beginning Subtraction are not in the currently assigned program, so remain unchanged.

Operations Score before Restart Score after Restart
Regular Addition (6 sec) 100 n/a
Regular Subtraction (6 sec) 35 n/a
Regular Multiplication (6 sec) n/a n/a
Beginning Addition (6 sec) 100 100
Beginning Subtraction (6 sec) 83 83