General troubleshooting advice

Students, teachers, and families use XtraMath on all sorts of devices and in many different browsers. We can’t solve every potential problem with general advice, but here are some things that may help.

- Rendering issues (images are broken or text is not displayed properly): Refresh the page using your browser’s refresh or reload button. If that doesn’t work, try a “hard refresh.” To do a hard refresh, press Ctrl+Shift+R on a Windows device, or ⌘-Shift-R on a Mac.

- Connection errors: Reload the page (see instructions above). If that doesn’t work, check that you can access other websites, wait a few minutes, and try refreshing the page again.

- Persistent connection errors: If refreshing still doesn’t work, check your firewall or parental control settings (or talk to your school’s IT department about firewall settings). Make sure that “xtramath.org” is allowed (whitelisted). The IP addresses used by our servers are assigned by Amazon and vary over time. If one of our IP addresses is blacklisted by your firewall (for example, 2 years ago that IP address was used by a different site that someone blocked), you could see an issue like this. You may be able to test this by signing in using a different network. For example, use WiFi at a different location, or use cellular data instead of WiFi.

- Account access problems: Double check your spelling! Most often, when someone can’t sign into their account, it turns out that there was a typo in the email address. Another tip is to try signing in to your account on a different device than you first tried. If you only have one device available, try signing in with a different browser.

- Error messages: Most error messages will give you some info about what you can do or why something isn’t working. See related troubleshooting topics for help with specific issues such as student sign-in problems.

- Mobile app is stuck: Close the app, then relaunch it. How to do this will depend on your device. For Apple and Android, open the carousel that shows all apps that are running, and swipe XtraMath away to close it. Most Amazon devices work the same as above, but some may require you to Force Stop an app in the Manage All Applications menu.

One final note:

Make sure your browser is up-to-date. Most browsers will update automatically, but not all of them.