Why does the report show my student has “incomplete” sessions?

There are several reasons that a student might have a gray “incomplete” status for the day.

The gray "incomplete" status icon

First, they might still be working in XtraMath! If their session is still in progress, it will show up as incomplete. If you refresh the report after they’ve finished you’ll see their completed session status.

Another possibility is that the student left their session early, without finishing all their activities. A session usually consists of three parts, most often one “Progress Quiz” and two practices called “Race the teacher.” Students sometimes get bored or interrupted, and stop the session after the quiz or a single practice.

💡 If a student leaves a session early but comes back to XtraMath later the same day, they will not retake a Progress Quiz - those are just once per day!

Finally, the student might have been distracted during an activity and been automatically signed out for inactivity. You can see this “idle” time on a student’s date report, indicated by a moon icon. If the date report’s final entry has a moon icon with a large amount of time, this is the most likely explanation for the incomplete status.

The moon icon on this date report indicates inactivity

Incomplete status can be a useful indicator for teachers but should not be treated as a grading rubric. While not common, students can do a lot of activity without technically finishing a session. However, students should be encouraged to finish their sessions (keep going until told they are done for the day) in order to make the most progress.