Will my students lose progress when I upgrade to Premium?

The Premium license does not change anything about students’ progress. Student accounts remain the same, including all progress data and history. What does change is that the teacher or parent gains access to Premium features such as printable activities and assigning custom programs.

Some rostering methods can create duplicate classes and student accounts, and a Premium license offers better support for this. This still does not delete any student progress, but the progress may be on a separate student account from the one the student is now signing into.

🍎 Example

Jane Doe created a class and has been using XtraMath with her students, but now her school adds a ClassLink integration. The ClassLink sync creates a new, ClassLink-linked class in her account, which has the same list of students that she had added manually earlier in the school year. However, it created new student accounts. The students’ original accounts still have all their progress data, but it’s their new blank accounts that are linked with ClassLink sign-in. A Premium license means our support team can merge the classes and students so that each student has a single account containing all progress as well as the ClassLink association. Now when a student signs in through ClassLink, they continue where they left off prior to the integration.