Free Basic vs. Premium Family License

XtraMath's Free Basic and Premium Family plans have significant differences in terms of flexibility, customization, and support.The Free Basic plan can accommodate up to five default math programs and is ideal for basic math practice. On the other hand, the Premium Family plan offers unlimited student math operation programs, allowing for personalized learning experiences with custom programs and assessments. Additionally, the Premium plan includes offline math and STEM printable activities in English and Spanish, as well as priority technical support, making it a comprehensive option for families seeking to enhance their children's math education with more personalized tools and quick assistance.

To learn more about the XtraMath Premium Family license, visit our Pricing page.

To upgrade to a Premium Family License, simply click the "Choose this plan" button and enter the number of students you need on your license. You can always upgrade later if you decide to use the program with additional children. You can type in the desired number or use the little arrows to increase or decrease it. The license subtotal will update as you adjust this.


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