My student can’t sign in

Because XtraMath has various student sign-in methods, there are various sign-in issues that students may encounter. The following are the most common sign-in problems, with tips about how to resolve them:

  • “Name not found” error: Check the spelling of the student’s name. The name must be entered the same way that it is listed within XtraMath. Perhaps a last initial was included, or the student is listed by their nickname instead of the full name.
  • “PIN does not match” error: Sign into your parent or teacher account and go to the student report to make sure they are using the correct PIN. If you are a parent and do not have access to your child’s account, you’ll need to get the correct PIN from their teacher.
  • “Email address not found” error: Check the spelling of the email address. Also, make sure that you are entering the correct email address — that of a teacher or parent connected to the student’s account. A common mistake is to enter the student’s email address, but XtraMath does not collect student email addresses (this is true even if they sometimes sign in with a Google account).
  • “You’re Done” message: The student is done with the program, and does not have any activity left to do.
  • “Passwords must be at least 6 characters long” message: Make sure the student is signing in on the Student Sign In page, and not the Parent or Teacher one. Oftentimes the student is on the wrong page, mistakenly entering their PIN into the password field.