Can I use XtraMath with 5th-12th grade students?

Our program is designed to support a range of grade levels, including upper elementary, middle, and even school students, offering a comprehensive and foundational math experience. For students in 4th grade or higher, XtraMath sets the "Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division" program as a default when you create a student account. This default setting provides a solid starting point for customization to meet your student's specific needs.

Teachers can adapt the program to suit their students' unique learning needs. You can broaden the problem sets to include facts up to the 12s, tweak the time thresholds for faster responses, or concentrate on specific operations, like starting directly with multiplication and skipping addition and subtraction.

By utilizing our customization feature, you can create a personalized math practice experience that is challenging and relevant for older students. This will help provide effective targeted intervention and bridge learning gaps, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to succeed in math fluency.


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