What does the fluency score mean?

The fluency score shows the student's progress in each operation in the program from beginning to end. The initial fluency score represents the knowledge the student already has for that operation. The fluency score should never be viewed as a grade. The score will naturally increase as the student progresses in the program, due to their improvement in the daily quizzes. A fluency score of 100 shows complete mastery of the specific operation in the program, and means the student is ready to move on to another operation.

The fluency score reflects the student’s recent performance, which can fluctuate up and down. Only progress quizzes affect the score. “Race the teacher” practice activities don’t affect the fluency score in the program.

The fluency matrix (on the student report) is a great tool to monitor each student’s fluency score as well as the facts that they are working on in the program.