What do students do in XtraMath?

Students begin with an initial assessment, or placement. This determines their starting fluency in their assigned operation as well as which facts they need to work on. Placement is divided into multiple short placement quizzes. This takes longer for some students than for others, as it depends on their level and how quickly they answer. It may take two or three sessions to finish placement, but this is completely normal!

Once placement is complete, each day the student will start with a quick progress quiz, then do some practice. Each activity within a session is quick, about two minutes, and the whole session usually takes less than ten minutes.

The student continues to work on that initial operation (typically addition) until they gain fluency in all the facts. At that point they will also automatically move on to the next operation (if any) in their assigned program.

As the student progresses, they earn trophies, and when they complete an operation they earn a certificate as well. All of these can be printed and celebrated by a teacher or family member.

For a more in-depth look at the student experience, please see the Student Experience section in our Teacher Quick Start Guide PDF or Family / Homeschool Quick Start Guide PDF.