My student’s fluency score doesn’t seem right

The fluency score is sometimes misunderstood. The score is similar to a percentage but is not the same as a grade percentage used in the classroom. The program focuses on how many facts are being answered fluently out of all the facts in a specific operation.

To finish an operation, a student needs to reliably answer facts fluently. The score looks at recent performance, but not just the results from today. A student’s score will typically increase gradually over time, but bouncing up and down a bit is perfectly normal.

The daily percentages (on the date report) and the color of the icons on the calendar and progress graph do not directly affect the fluency score.

Example 1: If a student has a score of 53, then answers 100% of their quiz questions correctly today, they are still unlikely to have an overall score of 100. However, if they perform like that in their next few sessions, they may well reach that score!

Example 2: A student with lots of green circles on their calendar can still have a score of 41. Each green circle on the calendar means the student has answered at least 90% of questions correctly in this session… but it doesn't indicate which questions were answered correctly. It may be that the 10% they missed that day are the facts they really need to make progress on.