How do I read the progress reports?

There are three kinds of reports in XtraMath: student reports, class reports, and date reports. To see up-to-date reports, sign in to your parent or teacher account. If your student is using XtraMath while you’re viewing the report, you’ll need to refresh the page to get updated progress.

You can choose to receive a weekly report email, which has a PDF version of the class report (for teachers) or student report (for parents). Sign in and go to your Account page to double-check or change your email preferences.

Our XtraMath Glossary and Icon Guide has more detailed explanations of the specific icons found on our reports. To see visual diagrams explaining the reports, see our Teacher Guide PDF or Family / Homeschool Guide PDF.

Student Report

The student report shows an individual student’s progress. Get to this report by clicking a student's name from your class report (if you’re a parent or guardian, you’ll instead see it right away when you sign in). The student report includes a calendar showing days of activity, the trophies and certificates the student has earned, and detailed information about their progress in each operation.

The calendar shows when the student has used XtraMath. Each day they logged in will have a colored icon. The specific icon and color shows roughly how the student did that day, based on how many facts they answered, the speed and correctness of their answers, and whether they completed a session.

For each operation (if the details are hidden, tap or click it to expand), there is a fluency score, a progress graph, and a fluency matrix. The score and matrix show the current state of progress. The matrix shows each fact. The facts are color-coded so you can see which facts the students have mastered and which they need more improvement on. The progress graph shows how the score has changed over time. If the student doesn’t have a score yet for an operation, it just means they haven’t finished placement yet! It often takes a few sessions before placement is complete.

Class Report

The class report provides a summary of progress for your entire class. Each student is listed (if you click their name, it will take you to their student report). To the left of each name is their status for today. There are icons for incomplete or in-progress sessions, completed sessions, and students who are done with their assigned program entirely. The column to the right of the names shows the operation each student is working on, as well as their current fluency score in that operation. Next to it is a “sparkline”, or mini progress graph, showing how their score has changed over time.

Finally, there are columns for recent usage. You’ll see the last few days or week of activity, with today’s activity being furthest to the right. Each colored icon in these columns is clickable and will take you to the date report for that student on that day. These icons correspond to the most recent colored shapes on the student report calendar.

Note that the sparkline and today’s status are not shown in the mobile app on small devices, due to space constraints.

Date Report

A date report shows all activity a student did on a specific date. You can get to it from the student report’s calendar — just click a date that has a colored shape indicating activity. Teachers can also get to a date report by clicking a usage icon on the right side of a class report. The date report shows exactly how the student did during each activity, such as how many facts were attempted and how they were answered.

Date reports are not emailed out weekly like the class and student reports.