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XtraMath Premium Licenses

XtraMath Premium licenses were introduced for the 2021-2022 school year, and give teachers and families more instructional options. We continue to offer a basic free program as well.

Over time, the income from Premium license sales will enable XtraMath to make improvements and develop new program features for both Premium and Basic licenseholders.

50% DISCOUNT on licenses for the remainder of the school year!

The discount applies to licenses listed below that end August 31, 2022 — the summer months are included!

Feature & Price comparison as of Jan. 1, 2022

BasicFamilyClassroomSchool, District
PriceFree$2 per student$50 per teacher
$25 per teacher
for rest of school year

over 50 students: +$1/each
$500 per school
$250 per school
for rest of school year

unlimited students/ teachers
Term EndsUnlimited12 monthsAug 31, 2022Aug 31, 2022
How to Purchase
Buy online
Buy online
Classroom quote
School quote
District quote
Student program settingsDefault options onlyCustom­izableCustom­izableCustom­izable
Progress reports:
  • Online reports
  • Weekly emailed reports
Instructional resources:
  • Goal tracking sheets
  • Printable math activities (English/ Spanish)
  • Printable XtraSTEM activities (English/ Spanish)
Student reward printables:
  • Certificates of achieve­ment
  • Trophy coloring sheets
Customer support:
  • Email support
  • Student rostering via data import
Professional Develop­ment videos
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Questions about the Premium features? Contact sales@xtramath.org and we’ll be happy to help.

XtraMath Mobile App

The XtraMath mobile app is available as a one-time purchase, not as a yearly license. There is no per-student price. Using the mobile app does not apply a license to any specific account.