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February 20, 2024

XtraMath's Debut at the NCTM 2024 Conference: Success as a Gold Sponsor

A Milestone for XtraMath

XtraMath made its debut sponsorship at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference in Seattle! This event was held in our home city, and it was an exciting and significant moment in our journey within the digital math education landscape. XtraMath stands out as one of the few programs that focuses solely on Math Fact Fluency, which is crucial for academic development in K-6th grade students. This event opened new avenues for us to reach our community of teachers, setting the stage for greater involvement in future conferences and increasing our visibility in the math ed-tech market.

Creating an Immersive Experience

Our booth at the event, decorated with an eye-catching yellow front desk and inspired by the fun and interactive vibe of Mr. C's class, showed our dedication to being creative and combining different ways of learning. We ensured everything at our booth, from how it looked to the items we gave away, showed off our innovative ideas. Our goal was to make a space that showed what we're all about and encouraged teachers to dive into a new and engaging experience with us. 

Engaging with Educators

Facilitating Interaction with teachers was a priority when it came to our booth design. We wanted to provide a space for educators to learn about XtraMath and become a part of our community. Additionally, our Mr. C selfie contest was a huge success, generating lively discussions and a lot of social media engagement. Our winner, Joanne Ryan, is a dedicated 7th-grade teacher from Massachusetts struggling to overcome the fluency deficit in her classroom. She attended our workshop during the conference to learn more about our program's benefits and is excited to bring XtraMath to her students. 

Workshop Dynamics and Social Engagements

We had the privilege of presenting at a workshop where we showcased scientific evidence supporting our educational model. We explained how XtraMath, through its logic model, significantly contributes to improving students’ math fluency, offering a solid foundation for their academic growth. 

Additionally, our Happy Hour event was a great team-building experience, and we got to know more about our invitees. We had two guests of honor: David Jeschke, Xtramath's founder, and Christopher Robert, Xtramath's Math Coach image, who were the highlight of the event.

Listening to Educators' Voices

Throughout the conference, we engaged in meaningful conversations with teachers, which were particularly revealing; many high school educators expressed concerns about students lacking basic math facts, a trend typically observed in elementary and middle schools. Teachers expressed their challenges in finding effective math resources and coping with staffing shortages. This highlighted a significant gap in resources that XtraMath can potentially fill.

XtraMath: The Preferred Choice

Feedback from educators who have used XtraMath was overwhelmingly positive. They praised its efficacy, ease of integration into existing curricula, and the noticeable improvement in students' math achievements and confidence. 

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to future conferences, our experience at the NCTM has been invaluable. It was not just a platform to demonstrate XtraMath's potential in transforming math education but also a learning ground for us. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges and needs of educators, and this insight is crucial as we strive to tailor XtraMath to be an even more effective tool for online math education.


In conclusion, our debut at the NCTM conference as a Gold Sponsor gave us significant visibility and was more than just a successful marketing opportunity; it was a profound learning experience. It deepened our understanding of the educational landscape and reinforced our commitment to making a meaningful impact in math education. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to the XtraMath team for their hard work and dedication during this conference. 

Jackeline Orcutt
Product Marketing Manager

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