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June 19, 2024

Summer Learning Made Fun with XtraMath's ⭐️ Challenge!

As the sun starts shining brighter and the days stretch longer, it’s easy to think of mathematics as a school activity that can be put aside during the summer.  However, neglecting math over the break can set students up for a downcycle fo math anxiety then they return to school.  You may have heard about 'summer learning loss,' where kids might slip back two to three months in their math skills over the break if they're not actively learning.

But summer isn't just a break—it's a prime opportunity to enhance our children's math skills through fun and engaging activities.

The Power of Parents in Preventing Summer Slide

Parents, you hold the key to your child's education, especially during the summer. Research shows that the summer slide can be turned into an opportunity with your involvement. Whether your child needs to catch up or is ready to leap ahead, your active participation at home can make a significant difference.

Addressing Math Anxiety

Math anxiety can keep kids from enjoying and excelling at math. But parents can take steps to precent it during the summer by mixing math into fun activities like cooking, shopping, or outdoor games can make math less daunting and more fun. It's all about integrating math into enjoyable experiences, making it less intimidating. Also, setting up a supportive environment at home and breaking math tasks into bite-sized pieces can make a huge difference. These simple strategies will help keep stress levels low and build up your child's confidence in math. They'll learn to approach math-related activities without fear or stress, seeing it as just another fun part of their day.

Educational Strategies for Summer Math Learning

Incorporating educational activities and XtraMath into your summer routine can be simple. Here are some tips to make it even easier and enhance your child’s learning experience:

  • Establish a Routine: Opt for a consistent time each day for math practice, ideally in the mornings when children’s minds are fresh. With just 10 minutes a day of practicing XtraMath, your child can not only maintain but improve their math skills, all while having fun!
  • Blend Learning with Play: After a math practice session, engage in related activities. Count items during a nature walk, measure ingredients in a recipe, or calculate scores during a game.
  • Boost Social Learning: Encourage your child to share their progress with family and friends, and you can also post their achievements on XtraMath's social media channels. You can also update their teacher at the end of summer, keeping them in the loop and involved in your child's learning journey. This approach reinforces their accomplishments and builds a supportive community around their educational growth.

Integrating Math Facts into Daily Activities:

  • Cooking Time: Have your child adjust recipes to practice fractions and multiplication.
  • Shopping Spree: Let your child tally prices or calculate discounts to keep within a budget, reinforcing math skills.
  • Game On: Encourage your child to keep the score during games, which is excellent for practicing math fact fluency.

Making Math Fun with the Summer Super “ Star”⭐️Challenge

Math learning should be fun, especially during the summer. This tracker can help parents keep kids excited about improving their math skills every day. Here's how it works:

  • Every session counts: Children log in and complete a session each day.
  • Progress Tracking: They earn and draw a star ⭐️ for each day’s success on the calendar tracker.
  • Reward your children's hard work: Small incentives can be very motivating! Consider rewarding their efforts with small treats, extra screen time, or a fun outing activity to keep them motivated.

Parents, join the Summer Super "Star" Challenge and boost your child's motivation to practice math by turning it into a daily adventure! Sign up now and watch as your child earns stars, reaps rewards, and enhances their math skills in a fun and engaging way. Make learning math the highlight of their summer.

Success Stories That Inspire

Our community of families who've embraced XtraMath over the summer is thriving, and the results speak for themselves. Parents such as Carie S. and Kellie F. have found XtraMath to be a valuable and effective educational tool, making a significant positive impact on their children's learning.

Stories like these highlight how XtraMath is improving family learning experiences, making them more enjoyable, helping to prevent summer learning loss, and preparing students to enter the new school year with greater confidence and improved math skills. Hearing feedback like this motivates the Xtramath team to keep improving and expanding our reach, ensuring every parent has the tools to help their children succeed at math.


As we wrap this up, remember that every day is a chance to boost your child's math confidence and keep things light and stress-free. By incorporating math into daily activities and utilizing resources such as the XtraMath's Super "Star" Challenge, you can assist your children in building a solid foundation in math. This approach will motivate them to have a positive and proactive summer learning experience and ensure they return to school feeling confident and ready to succeed.

Ready to make this summer a math adventure?

Download the Summer Super “Star” Challenge PDF  today! Sign up through the XtraMath website.

Jackeline Paz Orcutt

Product Marketing Manager.