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January 23, 2024

Enhancing Math Fluency and Confidence in Students

The Impact of Adaptive Practice with XtraMath

At a time when math grades are falling across the nation, XtraMath emerges as a unique opportunity to help students struggling with foundational math skills.  Identifying a critical gap in math education, David Jeshke, math tutor and former Microsoft programmer, launched XtraMath in 2009 to tackle a root cause of math underperformance and anxiety.  

David recognized that most students simply were not getting enough practice time to develop true fluency in basic arithmetic operations.  This was clearly leading to problems later on including worsening math performance and increased math anxiety.  Worse still, there were no easy solutions for teachers who were already struggling to prepare differentiated lessons and grade every individual assignment.  The evidence was clear then that students needed extended time in their zone of proximal development and especially spaced repetition of the same facts to really develop the automatic recall from long-term memory that demonstrates true fluency.  

Since 2009, it has been used by teachers around the world to help tens of millions of students develop math fact fluency.  Over the last 15 years, XtraMath incorporated dozens of new features based on the emerging science of math fact fluency and direct feedback from teachers on the front-lines, some who've used XtraMath in their classrooms for over a decade.

Now Xtramath has partnered with LeanLab Education to meticulously develop a logic model highlighting connections between using XtraMath and improving outcomes, primarily for elementary school students. This Logic Model uncovers the research and positive evidence demonstrating how using XtraMath enhances students' learning and performance, leading to better student and teacher outcomes. Educators should be aware that Xtramath's program has strong evidence of effectiveness, as demonstrated by its ESSA Tier IV of Evidence rating.

The Core of XtraMath: Building Fluency and Confidence

XtraMath is a great tool that helps students become better at math by improving their ability to quickly recall and remember math facts, a crucial foundation for higher-level math skills. Our online program creates a unique learning experience for each student, with short daily sessions that include assessments, practice activities, and quizzes. This approach ensures that students can learn at their own pace and achieve their full potential in math. Also, XtraMath helps students build a solid foundation, boosting their confidence.

Addressing the Challenge

The traditional classroom methods often fall short of providing adequate practice for fluency in basic arithmetic operations. XtraMath tackles this problem by replacing worksheet-based math drills with engaging, adaptive online practice activities. This approach improves learning efficiency and alleviates math stress, making students more confident and motivated to perform mathematical tasks. 

The Impact on Educational Resources

XtraMath frees teachers from the time-consuming preparation and grading of traditional methods.. This efficiency allows educators to focus more on addressing conceptual gaps and enhancing overall math teaching strategies.

A Closer Look at the Logic Model

The Logic Model outlines the short-term, medium-term, and long-term impacts of XtraMath. 

In the short term, students develop quick recall and automaticity of basic math facts. Thanks to the program's detailed reporting, teachers and family members can intervene and provide additional support as needed. This immediate impact is also seen in students' increased motivation and engagement in math learning.

In the medium term, XtraMath lays a strong foundation for learning more advanced math topics like algebra and fractions. The program's effectiveness is reflected in students performing better on national math assessments and in teachers reporting a significant improvement in meeting math grade standards.

What's truly remarkable are the long-term outcomes. XtraMath equips students with skills that extend beyond the classroom, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This prepares them not just for academic success but for real-world challenges.

Evidence-Based Success

The model reinforces the effectiveness of XtraMath through documented research and evidence. It shows that students using XtraMath perform better in math, while teachers find it easier to meet grade standards. The positive impact of math education on elementary students is undeniable. Recent observations have shown a remarkable increase in students' confidence and a significant reduction in their nervousness about math. These findings highlight the importance of providing quality math education to students at an early stage.

While the benefits of XtraMath are clear, we recognize the complexities of diverse learning environments. Our program is designed to adapt to various educational settings, continually evolving through feedback from educators and ongoing research.

Empowering Educators and Families

The model also emphasizes the role of educators and families in this journey. XtraMath provides tools and resources for teachers to monitor and guide student progress effectively. Similarly, family members become more involved in their children's education thanks to the program's easy-to-understand reports and updates.

Paving the Way for Lifelong Math Success

XtraMath isn't just about improving math skills; it's about nurturing lifelong learners. The program attempts to instill a growth mindset in students, enhancing their confidence and decreasing math tension. This mindset, developed early in their educational journey, can persist into adulthood, influencing their approach to challenges beyond math.

The XtraMath Advantage

The Logic Model is a testament to XtraMath's commitment to enhancing math education. It offers a clear, evidence-based roadmap for educators looking to make a real difference in their students' math fluency. With XtraMath, educators have a reliable and effective tool to help young learners to enjoy developing their math skills.


XtraMath is more than just an online math program; it's a community of educators dedicated to our students. Our impact, as detailed in this Logic Model, can be profound and we aim to be part of every District’s solution to developing successful, confident math learners.

Jackeline Orcutt
Product Marketing Manager

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