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May 9, 2024

A Journey from Aspiring Nurse to Beloved Math Teacher

In the heart of Alexandria, Louisiana, within the vibrant walls of a third-grade classroom, Charlotte Harvey is transforming the way young minds understand math and science. With five years of teaching experience, Charlotte's journey into education is as unique as it is inspiring. During Teacher Appreciation Week, XtraMath celebrates educators like Charlotte, who are truly the heart of our program. Here, she shares her journey, challenges, and the transformative impact of consistent practice on her students' math fluency.

From Business to the Classroom: Realizing a Lifelong Dream

Charlotte initially pursued degrees in nursing and business management, but a persistent call led her back to her first passion: teaching. “Teaching is my calling," Charlotte explains. "I love seeing my students grow and meet their goals!” Her path highlights a common thread among educators — a deep-seated desire to make a difference in the lives of young learners.

A Day with Mrs. Harvey: Routines that Build Confidence

Charlotte’s school day is meticulously structured, especially when it comes to math. Each morning begins with Spiral Reviews, emphasizing the importance of fluency in math facts, a foundational element enhanced by tools like XtraMath. "We practice XtraMath every morning as part of our morning work, ensuring students get that necessary practice to become more fluent," she notes. This routine prepares students for the day's math challenges and strengthens their math fact fluency through consistent practice and active involvement.

Overcoming Time Constraints with Student-led Mini Lessons and XtraMath

One of Charlotte's biggest challenges is not having enough time. To maximize classroom efficiency, Charlotte has her students guide their own mini-lessons, which ensures that essential small group work occurs daily. Additionally, by incorporating XtraMath into her daily routine, she effectively utilizes every minute of class time. XtraMath's tailored learning pathways allow each student to work independently and at their own pace, thereby enhancing individual learning without requiring constant direct supervision. This dual approach not only optimizes classroom time but also empowers students by placing them at the center of their learning journey and fostering peer education.

The Impact of XtraMath on Students’ Math Fluency

Since integrating XtraMath into her daily routine, Charlotte has observed significant improvements in her students' confidence and ability to recall math facts fluently. “They want to do more and more,” she says, reflecting on how students take pride in their achievements, especially when they reach their goals and receive their certificates.

Memorable Moments of Achievement

Charlotte has fond memories of several instances where students demonstrated remarkable improvement through consistent practice with XtraMath. Seeing the joy and pride on a students' face when they surpass their own expectations is one of the most rewarding moments for any teacher. These instances are not just victories in learning math facts, but they are also significant milestones in building a child's confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Growth and Inspiration

As Teacher Appreciation Week unfolds, Charlotte Harvey stands out as a prime example of how dedication, innovation, and the right tools can create an engaging and effective learning environment. Her story is not just inspiring; it is a call to action for educational tools like XtraMath to continue supporting teachers in their quest to unlock student potential.

At XtraMath, we recognize and celebrate the critical role teachers like Charlotte play in shaping the future, one student at a time. Her dedication is an inspiration for all educators, reminding us that every classroom can be a place of growth, confidence, and endless possibilities with the right approach.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for trusting XtraMath to empower students in developing their math skills and improving fluency. Your commitment and dedication in the classroom are truly inspiring, and we are grateful to know that XtraMath plays a significant role in the academic growth of your students. Thank you for your ongoing support and for being an integral part of our educational community.

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The XtraMath Team