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Program Resources

User Guides

Program Guide with Grade-level Standards (Printable version PDF)

XtraMath Glossary and Icon Guide

Teacher Quick Start Guide PDF - a comprehensive guide for teachers, including classroom-specific topics such as classroom management and our Clever integration.

XtraMath Family Intro PDF - just a few pages, this guide provides a quick overview of XtraMath for the families of students who use XtraMath at school.

Family / Homeschool Quick Start Guide PDF - similar to the teacher guide, but tailored for families using XtraMath exclusively at home, including homeschoolers.

Student Goal Tracking Printables

Trophy Coloring Sheets

Trophies are awarded for certain milestones. These printouts have jumbo line art versions of some of the trophies, so students can color them in!

Blank Fluency Matrix Printouts

Each page has one large fluency matrix, so you can print just the pages you need. Remember that the online matrix reflects recent performance, so students’ fluency scores decrease at times.

Blank Certificates

A student earns a personalized certificate when they complete an operation, but these blank certificates are available for your use as well.

Classroom Goal Tracking Printables